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Study Abroad

Assisted Study Abroad Program

A Prestigous High School Meets a Quality Boarding Academy

Residential dormitory (4,500 ~ 5,500 square feet)


Elementary, middle, and high school students who want to attend prestigious schools


San Ramon, Pleasanton (25 miles from San Francisco)


By inquiries only

Living assistance

Meal, rides, guidance, weekend activities, field trips, tours, and other activities, monthly reports to parents, photos sent to parents 1-2 times per month


Academic management – afterschool tutoring 

(3 hours a day or homework and classwork assistance), 

TOEFL classes, SAT/ACT classes, college counseling, and/or essay workshops


Tuition and class fees, class material costs, activists costs, school activity costs, I-20 application, acting guardian for students at school

What is SY’s Assisted Study Abroad Program?

 SY’s Assisted Study Abroad program is a one-stop program that allows students to receive thorough GPA-management and to develop academic skills as they attend prestigious elementary, middle, and high schools in the Bay Area, living in house-style dorms run directly by SY Academy.


Students will be supervised around the clock and their academic progress will be managed by lecturers and teachers who are graduates of prestigious universities. SY Academy offers the best study abroad program that parents can trust and rely on.

24/7 Comprehensive On-site Care

From application processes, administrative issues, to documentation requirements.

Complete Administrative Support

From application processes, administrative issues, to documentation requirements.

Thorough Academic Support

GPA-management, English language development, and other academic guidance customized to every student’s academic path and current academic standing.

Close  communication

Close communication between SY Academy staffs and parents

SY Academy has been providing students holistic education since 1996 and is the only credited Study Abroad institution in the Bay Area



SY Assisted Study Abroad Program’s Systematic Organization

Academi Enrichment
  • Afterschool Tutoring (3 hours a day, M-F)

  • Homework and Classwork Assistance

  • TOEFL Prep Classes

  • SSAT/AP/IB/SAT/ACT Test Prep Classes

  • College Counseling

  • Essay Revisions

  • Course Registration Guidance

Living Assistance
  • High Quality Residential Dormitories

  • Customized Meals

  • Legal Guardianship

  • Administrative Support

  • Rides to and from School

  • Weekend Activities

  • Weekly Reports

  • Counseling

Academic Planning
  • Short-Term Study 

(students returning to their country)

Math and science preparation classes and tutoring  Education with a focus on English

  • Customized Meals

SSAT/ISEE preparation classes

Honors classes

Boarding school application

  • Rides to and from School

GPA Management

SAT/ACT/AP classes

College Application Help

Application Essay Revision

Sample Student Schedule

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