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School Information – Middle School

Summa Cum Laude: with the Highest Distinction
St., Philip Lutheran School

St. Philp Lutheran School is a prestigious private Christan school located in the Tri-Valley area. It is best known for its outstanding academic curriculum and small class sizes, ensuring students continue excelling going forward to their high school and post-secondary education. Students receive personalized attention from the teachers and are encouraged to take advantage of the several fine arts, language, and leadership opportunities offered on campus. For many years in a row, SPLS has ranked in the top tier in parent satisfaction and student performance on standardized tests.

Founded: 1984
Located: Dublin, CA
Grades: K-8
Student Count: 150
Head-Royce School

Located on the beautiful Oakland Hills, the Head-Royce School is a K-12 College preparatory school that boasts a 120-year-old tradition of academic excellence. The Head-Royce School selects only the best students through qualifying tests, document screenings, interviews, and more. The highly-educated and academically decorated teachers have an average of 12 years of teaching experience, and the classes are small with a student: instructor ratio of 8:1.

Founded: 1970
Located: San Lorenzo, CA
Grades: K-12
Student Count: 145
The Athenian School

Located at the entrance to the beautiful Diablo Public Park, the Athenian School is one of the few boarding schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Large campus contains a library, dormitory, and other convenient facilities for students on a natural, beautiful campus. The Athenian School teaches its students with a focus on every student’s intelligent development, self-worth, sensitivity, physical development, civil consciousness, and leadership. One key characteristic of the Athenian School is that it not only focused on students’ intellectual development, but also on close ties with its local community, participation in community service, nature-focused research, and learning that nurtures student’s confidence and collaborative skills. As a result, it successfully admits students to the top universities and creates a generation of global leaders and independent thinkers.

Founded: 1965
Located: Danville, CA
Grades: 6-12
Student Count: 473
Instructor Count: 643
Quarry Lane School

First founded in 1991, the Quarry Lane School is located in the Dublin and Pleasanton area. Despite its relatively short history, it is the only school in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a full suite of IB courses. Students who take IB courses are 7-15% more likely to be accepted to the top universities as compared to those who do not. MORE THAN 75% of its students are recognized as gifted and talented. Furthermore, students are actively involved in robotics, sports, and other activities, excelling in various areas of pursuit outside of academics.

Founded: 1965
Located: Danville, CA
Grades: 6-12
Student Count: 473
Instructor Count: 643
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